04 March, 2011

Dancing in the Street: Carnival Blocos

With names like, "Ta Cheio de Maluco Ai (Full of crazies there)" and "Me Beija que sou cineasta (Kiss me because I am a Filmmaker)" the Rio Carnival Blocos are street parties like none other in the world. The first documented Bloco in Rio was in the late 19th century when neighborhood musicians banded together playing instruments and singing songs in the street as an alternative to the more formal carnival parades which they found dull and expensive. Modern day Blocos maintain the same spirit of spontaneity and community. Musicians and revellers, often from the same neighborhood, join together singing musical anthems and dancing the street with an open invitation for all to join. This year hundreds of Blocos both small and large are parading day and night all throughout Rio.

Here is a clip from Bloco de Preta in Impanema:

The team at Casa 579 has listed some of the most popular and most recommended upcoming Blocos below:

4 March- Friday
  • Bloco Carmelitas- located in Santa Teresa
  • Concentra mas não Sai- located in Laranjeiras
5 March- Saturday
  • Bloco Ceu na Terra- located in Santa Teresa
  • Cordao da Bola Preta - located in Centro
  • Carioca da Gema- located in Lapa
  • Aconteceu- located in Santa Teresa
  • Barbas- located in Botofongo
  • Empolga as 9- located in Copacabana
  • Dois pra La Dois pra Ca- located in Botofongo
  • Banda de Impanema-located in Impanema

6 March- Sunday
  • Cordao do Boitata- located in Centro
  • Bangalaflumenga- located in Jardim Botanico
  • Simpatia e Quase Amor-located in Impanema
  • Que Merda e Essa- located in Impanema

7 March- Monday
  • Volta Alice- located in Laranjeiras
  • Aconteceu- located in Santa Teresa
  • Afroreggae- located in Impanema
8 March-Tuesday
  • Bloco Carmelitas- located in Santa Teresa
  • Rio Maracatu- located in Impanema
  • Afoxé Filhos de Ghandi
  • - located in Copacabana
  • banda da Ipanema- located in Impanema
12 March- Saturday
  • Banda da Ipanema- located in Impanema
13 March- Sunday
  • Monobloco- located in Centro