03 September, 2011

Miles Davis in RJ

You might have seen him live a few decades ago, or you might be the owner of the complete collections of his records, or you might just have heard the name Miles Davis, it doesn’t matter, it’s worth spending a couple of hours to take a look at his life: a musician finding his way through the world holding a trumpet down, a black man fighting for the rights of his race, a man trying to express himself using the most honest language there is: music. The exposition “Queremos Miles” brings together a big collection of photographs, videos, documentaries, instruments, clothes and music sheets that belonged to the artist and gives you a review of his life since the days he arrived on the scene until the latest stages of his career, when he was exploring both with the sound and the colour of his outfits.

The exposition is being held at the Centro Cultural do Branco do Brasil (CCBB), in the heart of the city, 25 minutes away from Casa 579, and makes a great stop on your way to visit the Teatro Munucipal, the Museo de Belas Artes, the Candelaria Church and other pieces of Rio’s architectonic richness .The CCBB is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9am to 9pm, there is no cost to the expositions and you can even catch a concert for free if you take a look at the schedule once you are there (you can also find a brochure with the CCBB’s monthly activities here in casa 579).