07 June, 2012

Help out Julio Otoni

Did you know that there is a small favela or community in the same street than Casa 579?

Some of our staff members volunteer in the community center of this favela. Children have english classes, art and craft or music classes to open there minds and spirit during their time out of school but also to avoid social problems related to drugs or gangs, pregnancy... 

One of the classes they are taught are "recycling classes" educating and sensitizing them to sustainable development teaching environmentally friendly behaviors knowing that people in low income environments are not environmentally conscious.

This way, the center's volunteers and the children recently created an artistic wall using recycled material such as taps, mirrors, capsules, unused mosaic... Volunteers went around the city collecting old and unused material, children used to bring taps and capsules to the community center....

One of our staff members is currently giving recycling classes doing and crafts using recycled material such as plastic bottles, milk boxes, yogurt pots...  

On June 16th, the kids are going start making sofas made of plastic bottles. Therefore, they need a lot of bottles: at least 100 are needed to make one sofa!!

So we need your contribution! Help us out: leave your plastic bottles in the special bin in Casa 579's kitchen.

Also, you could have a look at the community center's blog: http://juliootoni.wordpress.com

Also, don't forget RIO +20, the UN conference on sustainable development will be launched in a few day. UN represents encourage young people to participate to events and conferences to enable change.
So, while you are around, check out their website  or facebook page and check what's on or which events you could attend.

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